Coordinating a Distributed Planning System

TitleCoordinating a Distributed Planning System
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsdesJardins M, Wolverton M
JournalAI Magazine
Pagination45 - 45
Date Published1999/12/15/
ISBN Number0738-4602

Distributed SIPE (DSIPE) is a distributed planning system that provides decision support to human planners in a collaborative planning environment. The key contributions of our research on DSIPE are (1) constraint-based, consistent local views of the global plan that give each planner a view of how other planners' subplans relate to their local planning decisions; (2) methods for automatically identifying and sharing potentially relevant information among distributed planning agents; and (3) techniques for merging subplans that leverage the shared subplan structure to generate a complete, final plan. DSIPE is a fully implemented system and has been demonstrated to end users in the maritime (United States Navy and United States Marine Corps) planning community.