Controlled topology simplification

TitleControlled topology simplification
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsHe T, Hong L, Varshney A, Wang SW
JournalVisualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination171 - 184
Date Published1996/06//
ISBN Number1077-2626
Keywords(computer, algorithm;adaptive, algorithm;controlled, antialiased, Cubes, Cubes;antialiasing;computational, details;multi, filtering;controlled, Frequency, generation, geometry;rendering, graphics);topology;, hierarchy;object, Marching, mesh, meshes;multiresolution, rasters;multilayered, rendering;high, resolution, simplification;efficient, simplification;sampling, surface, technique;standard, Topology, triangle, volume

We present a simple, robust, and practical method for object simplification for applications where gradual elimination of high frequency details is desired. This is accomplished by converting an object into multi resolution volume rasters using a controlled filtering and sampling technique. A multiresolution triangle mesh hierarchy can then be generated by applying the Marching Cubes algorithm. We further propose an adaptive surface generation algorithm to reduce the number of triangles generated by the standard Marching Cubes. Our method simplifies the topology of objects in a controlled fashion. In addition, at each level of detail, multilayered meshes can be used for an efficient antialiased rendering