Component-based Data Layout for Efficient Slicing of Very Large Multidimensional Volumetric Data

TitleComponent-based Data Layout for Efficient Slicing of Very Large Multidimensional Volumetric Data
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKim J, JaJa JF
Conference NameScientific and Statistical Database Management, 2007. SSBDM '07. 19th International Conference on
Date Published2007/07//
Keywordsaxis-aligned, cache, curves;very, data, data;data, databases;, handling;query, large, layout;data, memory, multidimensional, processing;very, queries;space-filling, size;component-based, slicing, slicing;out-of-core, volumetric

In this paper, we introduce a new efficient data layout scheme to efficiently handle out-of-core axis-aligned slicing queries of very large multidimensional volumetric data. Slicing is a very useful dimension reduction tool that removes or reduces occlusion problems in visualizing 3D/4D volumetric data sets and that enables fast visual exploration of such data sets. We show that the data layouts based on typical space-filling curves are not optimal for the out-of-core slicing queries and present a novel component-based data layout scheme for a specialized problem domain, in which it is only required to provide fast slicing at every k-th value, for any k gt; 1. Our component-based data layout scheme provides much faster processing time for any axis-aligned slicing direction at every k-th value, k gt; 1, requiring less cache memory size and without any replication of data. In addition, the data layout can be generalized to any high dimension.