Community response grids: E-government, social networks, and effective emergency management

TitleCommunity response grids: E-government, social networks, and effective emergency management
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsJaeger PT, Shneiderman B, Fleischmann KR, Preece J, Qu Y, Fei Wu P
JournalTelecommunications Policy
Pagination592 - 604
Date Published2007/11//
ISBN Number0308-5961
KeywordsCommunity response grid, E-government, Emergency response, Mobile communications, Public policy, social networks

This paper explores the concept of developing community response grids (CRGs) for community emergency response and the policy implications of such a system. CRGs make use of the Internet and mobile communication devices, allowing residents and responders to share information, communicate, and coordinate activities in response to a major disaster. This paper explores the viability of using mobile communication technologies and the Web, including e-government, to develop response systems that would aid communities before, during, and after a major disaster, providing channels for contacting residents and responders, uploading information, distributing information, coordinating the responses of social networks, and facilitating resident-to-resident assistance. Drawing upon research from computer science, information studies, public policy, emergency management, and several other disciplines, the paper elaborates on the concept of and need for CRGs, examines related current efforts that can inform the development of CRGs, discusses how research about community networks can be used to instill trust and social capital in CRGs, and examines the issues of public policy, telecommunications, and e-government related to such a system.