Combining multiple kernels for efficient image classification

TitleCombining multiple kernels for efficient image classification
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSiddiquie B, Vitaladevuni SN, Davis LS
Conference NameApplications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2009 Workshop on
Date Published2009/12//
Keywords(artificial, AdaBoost;base, channels;multiple, classification;kernel, classification;learning, decision, feature, function;discriminative, intelligence);support, Kernel, kernel;image, kernels;composite, learning;support, machine;image, machines;, similarity;multiple, vector

We investigate the problem of combining multiple feature channels for the purpose of efficient image classification. Discriminative kernel based methods, such as SVMs, have been shown to be quite effective for image classification. To use these methods with several feature channels, one needs to combine base kernels computed from them. Multiple kernel learning is an effective method for combining the base kernels. However, the cost of computing the kernel similarities of a test image with each of the support vectors for all feature channels is extremely high. We propose an alternate method, where training data instances are selected, using AdaBoost, for each of the base kernels. A composite decision function, which can be evaluated by computing kernel similarities with respect to only these chosen instances, is learnt. This method significantly reduces the number of kernel computations required during testing. Experimental results on the benchmark UCI datasets, as well as on a challenging painting dataset, are included to demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.