Challenges and Opportunities in Internet Data Mining

TitleChallenges and Opportunities in Internet Data Mining
Publication TypeReports
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAndersen DG, Feamster N
Pagination44 - 44
Date Published2006///
InstitutionParallel Data Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University

Internet measurement data provides the foundation for the operation and planning of the networks that comprise the Internet, and is a necessary component in research for analysis, simulation, and emulation. Despite its critical role, however, the management of this data—from collection and transmission to storage and its use within applications—remains primarily ad hoc, using techniques created and re-created by each corporation or researcher that uses the data. This paper examines several of the challenges faced when attempting to collect and archive large volumes of network measurement data, and outlines an architecture for an Internet data repository—the datapository designed to create a framework for collaboratively addressing these challenges.