Breakout Session Report: Principles and Methods

TitleBreakout Session Report: Principles and Methods
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsJacobs DW, Malik J, Nevatia R
JournalPerceptual Organization for Artificial Vision Systems
Pagination17 - 28
Date Published2000///

This report will present a summary of views presented during a discussion at the 1999 Workshop on Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision. Our goal is to present diverse views, informally expressed on principles and algorithms of perceptual organization. Naturally, such a discussion must be somewhat limited both by the time available and by the specific set of researchers who could be present. Still, we hope to describe some interesting ideas expressed and to note the number of areas of apparent consensus among a fairly broad group. In particular, we will describe views on the state of the art in perceptual grouping, and what seem to be key open questions and promising directions for addressing them.