Automatic video summarization for wireless and mobile environments

TitleAutomatic video summarization for wireless and mobile environments
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsRao Y, Mundur P, Yesha Y
Conference Name2004 IEEE International Conference on Communications
Date Published2004/06/20/24
ISBN Number0-7803-8533-0
Keywordsautomatic video summarization, batch processing, batch processing (computers), Clustering algorithms, Clustering methods, clustering scheme, Computer science, Delaunay diagram, graph theory, Gunshot detection systems, Image sequences, mesh generation, Mobile computing, mobile radio, multidimensional point data cluster, Multidimensional systems, Multimedia communication, video clip, video frame content, Video sequences, video signal processing, wireless mobile environment

In this paper, we propose a novel video summarization technique using which we can automatically generate high quality video summaries suitable for wireless and mobile environments. The significant contribution of this paper lies in the proposed clustering scheme. We use Delaunay diagrams to cluster multidimensional point data corresponding to the frame contents of the video. In contrast to the existing clustering techniques used for summarization, our clustering algorithm is fully automatic and well suited for batch processing. We illustrate the quality of our clustering and summarization scheme in an experiment using several video clips.