Automated design of sheet metal bending tools

TitleAutomated design of sheet metal bending tools
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsAlva U, Gupta SK, Gupta RK
Date Published2000///

Sheet metal bending is a process in which bends are formed using a combination of apunch and a die. Bending tools need to satisfy the following two criteria: (1) tools should be able to
withstand bending forces, and (2) tool shapes should be such that there is no tool-part interference.
In this paper, we describe a systematic methodology for automatically synthesizing a punch shape
that can be used to produce more than one type of part. We create a parametric geometric model of
possible punches. This parametric model describes a family of possible punch shapes. Using the
geometric models of various given part types and a parametric punch model, we automatically
generate constraints on punch parameters that eliminate the possibility of part-tool interference. We
use mixed integer programming techniques to solve these constraints and identify parameters of a
punch shape that can work for the given set of parts. Finally, we perform strength analysis of the
designed punch to verify that the designed punch is capable of withstanding the bending forces.