Authentication in the clouds: a framework and its application to mobile users

TitleAuthentication in the clouds: a framework and its application to mobile users
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsChow R, Jakobsson M, Masuoka R, Molina J, Niu Y, Elaine Shi, Song Z
Date Published2010
ISBN Number978-1-4503-0089-6
KeywordsAuthentication, Cloud computing, Mobile computing

Cloud computing is a natural fit for mobile security. Typical handsets have input constraints and practical computational and power limitations, which must be respected by mobile security technologies in order to be effective. We describe how cloud computing can address these issues. Our approach is based on a flexible framework for supporting authentication decisions we call TrustCube (to manage the authentication infrastructure) and on a behavioral authentication approach referred to as implicit authentication (to translate user behavior into authentication scores). The combination results in a new authentication paradigm for users of mobile technologies, one where an appropriate balance between usability and trust can be managed through flexible policies and dynamic tuning.