Attacks on digital watermarks

TitleAttacks on digital watermarks
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsM. Wu, Liu B
Conference NameSignals, Systems, and Computers, 1999. Conference Record of the Thirty-Third Asilomar Conference on
Date Published1999/10//
Keywordsattacks;copy, Authentication, authentication;video, based, block, coding;, coding;iterative, control;digital, countermeasure;fragile-watermarking;images;iterative, dropping;ownership, EMBEDDING, forging;copyright;image, methods;message, protection;robust, removal;videos;watermarks, size;concealment, system;robust, systems;block, watermark, watermarking, watermarks, watermarks;double

Two methods for attacking watermarks in images and videos have been proposed. The first attack is to remove robust watermarks by iterative block dropping and concealment. Our study suggests that the block size chosen by a robust watermark embedding system should be large enough to circumventing concealment based attacks. The second attacking method is to forge valid watermarks for authentication systems based on fragile-watermarking. Double watermarking is then proposed as one possible countermeasure.