An assumptive logic programming methodology for parsing

TitleAn assumptive logic programming methodology for parsing
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsVoll K, Tom Yeh, Dahl V
Conference NameTools with Artificial Intelligence, 2000. ICTAI 2000. Proceedings. 12th IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2000///
PublisherIEEE Comput. Soc
ISBN Number0-7695-0909-6

We show how several novel tools in logic programming for AI (namely, continuation based linear and timeless assumptions, and datalog grammars) can assist us in producing terse treatments of difficult language processing phenomena. As a proof of concept, we present a concise parser for datalog grammars (logic grammars where strings are represented with numbered word boundaries rather than as lists of words), that uses assumptions and a combination of left-corner parsing and charting. We then study two test cases of this parser's application: complete constituent coordination, and error diagnosis and correction