Approximating the minimal sensor selection for supervisory control

TitleApproximating the minimal sensor selection for supervisory control
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsRohloff KR, Khuller S, Kortsarz G
JournalDiscrete Event Dynamic Systems
Pagination143 - 170
Date Published2006///

This paper discusses the problem of selecting a set of sensors of minimum cost that can be used for the synthesis of a supervisory controller. It is shown how this sensor selection problem is related to a type of directed graph st-cut problem that has not been previously discussed in the literature. Approximation algorithms to solve the sensor selection problem can be used to solve the graph cutting problem and vice-versa. Polynomial time algorithms to find good approximate solutions to either problem most likely do not exist (under certain complexity assumptions), but a time efficient approximation algorithm is shown that solves a special case of these problems. It is also shown how to convert the sensor selection problem into an integer programming problem.