Analytical Description of Quasi-Random Magnetization Relaxation to Equilibrium

TitleAnalytical Description of Quasi-Random Magnetization Relaxation to Equilibrium
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSerpico C, d'Aquino M, Bertotti G, Mayergoyz ID
JournalMagnetics, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination5224 - 5227
Date Published2009/11//
ISBN Number0018-9464
Keywordsapproach;quasirandom, crossing;uniformly, dynamical, dynamics;averaging, Hamiltonian, magnetization, magnetized, particle;magnetic, particles;magnetic, perturbed, relaxation;magnetisation;probability;, relaxation;separatrix, system;Landau-Lifshitz, technique;damping;probabilistic

The Landau-Lifshitz (LL) dynamics of a uniformly magnetized particle is considered. The LL equation is written in the form of a Hamiltonian perturbed dynamical system. By using suitable averaging technique, the equation for the slow dynamics of the energy is derived. The averaging technique breaks up in the case of separatrix crossing. It is shown that, in the limit of small damping, the separatrix crossing can be described by using a probabilistic approach.