Active Harmony: Towards Automated Performance Tuning

TitleActive Harmony: Towards Automated Performance Tuning
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsTapus C, Chung I-H, Hollingsworth J
Conference NameSupercomputing, ACM/IEEE 2002 Conference
Date Published2002/11//
ISBN Number0-7695-1524-X
KeywordsApplication software, Automatic control, Computational modeling, Computer science, Computerized monitoring, Control systems, grid computing, Runtime library, software libraries, Specification languages

In this paper, we present the Active Harmony automated runtime tuning system. We describe the interface used by programs to make applications tunable. We present the Library Specification Layer which helps program library developers expose multiple variations of the same API using different algorithms.The Library Specification Language helps to select the most appropriate program library to tune the overall performance. We also present the optimization algorithm used to adjust parameters in the application and the libraries. Finally, we present results that show how the system is able to tune several real applications. The automated tuning system is able to tune the application parameers to within a few percent of the best value after evaluating only 11 out of over 1,700 possible configurations.