3D spatial layouts using a-teams

Title3D spatial layouts using a-teams
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSachdev S, Paredis CJJ, Gupta SK, Talukdar SN
Date Published1998///

Spatial layout is the problem of arranging a set of componentsin an enclosure such that a set of objectives and constraints is sat-
isfied. The constraints may include non-interference of objects,
accessibility requirements and connection cost limits. Spatial lay-
out problems are found primarily in the domains of electrical en-
gineering and mechanical engineering in the design of integrated
circuits and mechanical or electromechanical artifacts. Traditional
approaches include ad-hoc (or specialized) heuristics, Genetic Al-
gorithms and Simulated Annealing. The A-Teams approach pro-
vides a way of synergistically combining these approaches in a
modular agent based fashion. A-Teams are also open to the addi-
tion of new agents. Modifications in the task requirements trans-
late to modifications in the agent mix. In this paper we describe
how modular A-Team based optimization can be used to solve 3
dimensional spatial layout problems.