3D motion representations in visual servo control

Title3D motion representations in visual servo control
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsFermüller C, Cheong LF, Aloimonos Y
Conference NameProceedings of International Symposium on Computer Vision, 1995
Date Published1995/11/21/23
ISBN Number0-8186-7190-4
Keywords3D motion representations, autonomous behavior, CAMERAS, computational effort, Computer vision, dynamic imagery, global spatiotemporal representations, image representation, Mobile robots, motion control, Navigation, navigational problems, Optical computing, Robot kinematics, Robot sensing systems, robot vision, Robot vision systems, Robotics and automation, servomechanisms, Servosystems, Spatiotemporal phenomena, vision-guided robotics, visual information, visual servo control, visual servoing

A new approach to visual servoing and vision-guided robotics is introduced. This approach uses visual information for autonomous behavior. It amounts to using robust, global spatiotemporal representations easily extracted from the dynamic imagery. Specifically, the geometrical patterns of normal flows are used as the input to the servo mechanism. It is shown that the positions of these patterns are related to the three dimensional motion parameters. By locating the positions of these patterns, we can solve a variety of navigational problems with little computational effort