Roger Bostelman

Visiting Research Scientist
(301) 305-0365
Ph.D., University of Burgundy, France (Computer Science)

Roger Bostelman is a visiting research scientist in UMIACS.

He is also part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Professional Research Experience Program.

Bostelman recently retired from NIST as an engineering project manager in the Intelligent Systems Division after 41 years of service. While there, he managed the Intelligent Control of Mobility Systems Program, and other technology research and development projects at NIST and at other organizations.

Bostelman has designed, built and tested mechanical systems and their interface electronics on autonomous vehicles, robot cranes, and robot arms. This includes an automated HMMWV, HLPR (Home Lift, Position, and Rehabilitation) Chair, AGVs, Flying Carpet RoboCrane, and several other RoboCranes.

He currently performs measurement science to support development of standard test methods for autonomous industrial vehicles and exoskeletons.

Bostelman is chair of the ASTM Committee F45 on autonomous industrial vehicle performance standards. He also chairs the ASTM F48.91 on exoskeleton terminology and serves on several test-method standards subcommittees. Additionally, Bostelman serves as an expert on the ANSI/ITSDF B56.5 sub-committee for AGV safety, RIA 15.08 mobile manipulators, and ISO/TC 299 safety of personal care robots.

He has more than 110 publications in books, journals and conference proceedings, and holds seven patents.

Bostelman received his doctorate in computer science from the University of Burgundy, France.

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