Bill Fefferman

Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS)
University of Maryland/NIST

E-Mail: wjf AT umd DOT edu

Work Address:
4300 Computer and Space Sciences Building
Room 3100E
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742.

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in QuICS. I was previously a Ph.D. student in the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, at Caltech, co-advised by Alexei Kitaev and Chris Umans. My research interests are quantum computation and computational complexity theory.


1.    The Power of Unentanglement with S. Aaronson, S. Beigi, A. Drucker, P. Shor

In Theory of Computing, 5(1):1-42, 2009. Also in Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity 2008 [Theory of Computing, Conference abstract, arXiv]

2.    Pseudorandom Generators and the BQP vs PH Problem with C. Umans

Accepted to QIP 2011 as a featured talk [pdf, arXiv, presentation]

3.   On Beating the Hybrid Argument with E. Viola, R. Shaltiel, C. Umans

In Theory of Computing, 9(26):809-843, 2013. Also in Proceedings of ITCS 2012 [Theory of Computing, Conference abstract, presentation]

4.   On The Power of Quantum Fourier Sampling with C. Umans

To appear in Proceedings of TQC 2016 [pdf, arXiv]

5.   Quantum vs Classical Proofs and Subset Verification with S. Kimmel

Draft [pdf, arXiv]

6.   Quantum Merlin Arthur with Exponentially Small Gap with C. Lin

Draft [pdf, arXiv]

7.   On Quantum Obfuscation with G. Alagic

Accepted talk at QCrypt 2016 [pdf, arXiv]

8.   Computational Security of Quantum Encryption with G. Alagic, A. Broadbent, T. Gagliardoni, C. Schaffner, and M. St. Jules

Accepted talk at QCrypt 2016. To appear in Proceedings of ICITS 2016 [pdf, arXiv]

9.   A Complete Characterization of Unitary Quantum Space with C. Lin

Draft [pdf, arXiv]

10.   Space-Efficient Error Reduction for Unitary Quantum Computations with H. Kobayashi, C. Lin, T. Morimae, and H. Nishimura

Accepted talk at AQIS 2016. In Proceedings of ICALP 2016 [pdf, arXiv]