Smaranda Muresan

Office: A.V. Williams Bld #3161
             University of Maryland
             College Park, MD, 20742 
Phone: 301-405-1139 
Email: smara -AT- umiacs -DOT- umd -DOT- edu

I have moved to Rutgers University, where I am an Assistant Professor in the Library and Information Science Department. Please visit my new web page

Bio:I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at UMIACS working with Philip Resnik on Machine Translation. I finished my PhD in Computer Science at Columbia University. My dissertation introduced a new grammar learning model from representative data and defined a new grammar formalism which establishes a direct link between natural language expressions and ontologies, facilitating a direct mapping between text and knowledge ( Dissertation2006, ACL07, TechReport05). Currently, I am interested in developing new models for statistical MT based on grammar learning from representative data. My full CV.

Research Interests


Selected Publications


My postdoctoral work on Machine Translation is part of the DARPA-funded GALE (Global Autonomous Language Exploitation) program.

My PhD work was part of PERSIVAL(PErsonalized Retrieval and Summarization of Image, Video And Language Resource) project; a DLI2 project funded by NSF that tailors search, presentation, and summarization of online medical literature and consumer health information to the end user, for both patient or healthcare provider. (see more details on my old page )


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