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LBSC 708X / INFM 718X - Seminar on E-Discovery
Spring 2012 - Section 0101

LexisNexis E-Discovery Wiki
A useful source of resources. You need to be on campus to follow some of the links directly, but you can get to the same resources through ResearchPort.
DESI IV Workshop
The fourth in a series of workshops on e-discovery issues. Links to the previous three workshops can be found on this site. The list of references at the bottom of the page has a some useful readings.
TREC Legal Track
An evaluation venue for technology to support the e-discovery review process that has conducted evaluations each year since 2006.
SIRE 2011 Workshop
An e-discovery workshop for information retrieval researchers.
The Sedona Conference
A legal think tank, with working groups for e-discovery (WG1) and international issues (WG6).
The organization that created the E-Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), which has projects for jobs, a code of conduct, data sets, data interchange, and several other things.
Ralph Losey's Blog
A rich and detailed set of posts, some by guest authors, that covers the full spectrum of e-discovery issues.
ESI Bytes
A regular podcast on e-discovery issues.

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