Hadi Amiri Hadi Amiri
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
University of Maryland, College Park
A.V. Williams #3161, College Park, MD 20742


I am a Postdoc at the University of Maryland, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS). I am affiliated with the Computational Linguistics & Information Processing (CLIP) lab and work with Prof. Philip Resnik, Prof. Hal Daumé III, and Prof. Jordan Boyd-Graber. My general research interests are in the areas of Natural Language Processing and Social Media Analysis and my work centers on developing linguistically-aware machine learning models to represent, predict, enhance, and ultimately understand user generated content. I tweet @amirieb.

Here is my CV.

Jan 2016: Teaching Social Media Computing in Spring 2016!
Dec 2015: Talking at CLIP on Short Text Representation!
June 2015: Talking at Data Science and Social Analytics meetups on Brandtology! [Slides]
Jan 2015: Teaching Social Media Computing in Spring 2015!
Dec 2014: Churn prediction in social media, webpage!
Nov 2014: Talking at Spoken Language Systems Group, MIT on churn prediction in microblogs!
Feb 2014: Joined CLIP at the University of Maryland!
Aug 2013: PhD, Done! Hi NUS Alumni.
July 2013: The orgCommunity demo is ready!
June 2013: Oral PhD session! 9 July 2013, 9:00am at NGS conference room, #05-01.
May 2013: Joined the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore!
Feb 2013: Thesis submitted. Expected graduation time is May 2013!
Dec 2012: Finished Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012, result here!
Mar 2012: The OrgSense system is up now!
Feb 2012: Received WSDM 2012 travel grant. Thanks to Bing!
Dec 2011: Finished Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011, result here!
Dec 2010: Finished Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010, result N/A.
May 2010: Completed a short course on Machine Learning for Data Mining organized by PREMIA.
July 2009: Won GS6001's best presenter award! with Daniel, Ali, Xuancong, Li Ling, and Danyang.
Jan 2009: Joined the Lab For Media Search (LMS) as a PhD candidate.
Jan 2009: Awarded NUS Graduate School for Interactive Science and Engineering (NGS) scholarship.