I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of Maryland, College Park. I work with Prof. Lise Getoor in the LINQS lab. I have a Masters in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


My research interests include structured prediction, statistical relational modeling, natural language processing, probabilistic modeling. I am  broadly interested in structured prediction problems involving rich, complex, interlinked, heterogeneous data in online networks, such as online courses and social networks. I am particularly interested in developing computational methods for combining structured behavioral and interaction data, and unstructured data such as natural language text in discussion forums.


My thesis proposal titled "A Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Socio-behavioral Interactions" can be found here.


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University of Maryland, College Park

Doctorate in Computer Science, Aug 2012 -- Present

GPA : 4.00

Advisor: Lise Getoor



University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Masters in Computer Science, Aug 2010 -- May 2012

GPA : 3.84

Advisor: Andrew McCallum





My research touches many sub-areas in machine learning, learning analytics, and natural language processing.


Machine Learning: graphical models, statistical relational learning, structured prediction, latent variable models for heterogeneous graph data, generative methods for modeling socio-behavioral interactions

Learning Analytics: behavior modeling in online courses, text mining of online course discussion forums

Natural Language Processing: sentiment analysis, aspect-specific sentiment analysis, topic models





PhD Coursework


Computational Linguistics I and II

High Performance Computing

Database Management Systems

Software Testing


Masters Coursework


Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Statistics I and II

Probabilistic Graphical Models

Design and Analysis of Algorithms


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University of Maryland

College Park - 20742

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