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June 1999: Chairing symposium

Computer-mediated language assessment
Evaluation in Natural Language Processing
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International Assocation of Language Learning Technologies
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Association for Computational Linguistics


3141 A.V. Williams Building, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742

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4409 Van Buren Street, University Park, MD 20782-1122

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Olsen, Mari Broman. 1997. A Semantic and Pragmatic Model of Lexical and Grammatical Aspect. New York: Garland Press. Abstract. Table of Contents.

Selected Papers:

Olsen, Mari Broman and Amy Weinberg.  1999. Innateness and the acquisition of grammatical aspect via lexical aspect. Proceedings of the Boston University Conference on Language Development. [rtf]

Olsen, Mari Broman.  Translating English and Mandarin Verbs with Argument Structure (Mis)matches using LCS Representation.  Proceedings of the Association of Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA), Second SIG-IL Workshop.

Olsen, Mari Broman, Amy Weinberg, Jeffrey P. Lilly, and John E. Drury. 1998.  Acquiring Grammatical Aspect via Lexical Aspect: The Continuity Hypothesis. Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics.

Resnik, Philip, Mari Broman Olsen and Mona Diab. 1997. Creating a Parallel Corpus from the "Book of 2000 Tongues." Proceedings of TEI-10. Revised and expanded version in Computers and the Humanities 1999 Vol. 33:129-153 .

Olsen, Mari Broman and Philip Resnik. 1997. Implicit Object Constructions and the (In)transitivity Continuum. Proceedings of Chicago Linguistic Society - 33.

Dorr, Bonnie J. and Mari Broman Olsen. 1997. Multilingual Generation: The Role of Telicity in Lexical Choice and Syntactic Realization. Journal of Machine Translation, 11:37-74. [This version is slightly different from that published.]

Olsen, Mari Broman and Talke Macfarland. 1996. Where's Transitivity? Paper presented at the Seventh Annual Formal Linguistic Society of Mid-america conference, May 17-19, The Ohio State University.

Olsen, Mari Broman. 1995. Aspectual Marking and English "Verb-Forming" Prefixes. Revised version of paper originally published in the Proceedings of the Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe, December 1991.

Olsen, Mari Broman. 1994a. The Semantics and Pragmatics of Lexical Aspect Features. Studies in the Linguistic Sciences, 24.1-2.361-375.

Olsen, Mari Broman. 1994c. The Koine Greek Verb: Tense and Aspect. Presented at Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies: The Next Wave.  Fourth Interdisciplinary Conference of Graduate Students and Recent Ph.D.s. Ohio State University, October 1994.

Selected Technical Reports:

Olsen, Mari Broman, Bonnie J. Dorr and David Clark. 1997. Using WordNet to posit hierarchical structure in Levin's verb classes. First workshop on Interlingua. San Diego, CA.

Dorr, Bonnie J., Mari Broman and Scott C. Thomas. 1997. Toward compact monotonically compositional interlingua using lexical aspect. First workshop on Interlingua. San Diego, CA.

Dorr, Bonnie J. and Mari Broman Olsen. 1997. Aspectual Modifications to an LCS Database for NLP Applications. LAMP TR-007, UMIACS TR-97-003, CS-TR-3763. College Park: University of Maryland.

Olsen, Mari Broman. 1996. Telicity and English Verb Classes and Alternations: An Overview. Computer Science Technical Report Series. CS-TR-3607, UMIACS-TR-96-15. College Park: University of Maryland.

Courses: Lexical Semantics at the Syntax Interface

Computational Linguistics Colloquium Series

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