Technical Objectives - Visual and Acoustic Surveillance and Monitoring

Our project explores fundamental research problems related to the integration of for visual surveillance of urban areas for military or law enforcement purposes, and to demonstrate our research in a series of integrated surveillance scenarios. Our vision of an autonomous urban battlefield surveillance system is based on distributed visual and auditory sensors monitoring an urban site in the context of a pre-existing site model. The site model contains knowledge used by the surveillance system to focus its attention and constrain its image analysis to detect people, vehicles and their interactions. The surveillance system employs both video data processing---applied to color video imagery for daytime surveillance and to infrared imagery for nighttime surveillance---and auditory data processing to perform its detection and analysis activities. A high-level system is used to represent activities of interest, to control image and auditory data processing, and to model the situations in which human assistance is required. The surveillance system is a multi-level system, in which ``wide area'' surveillance employs sensors with large fields of view to detect potential activities of interest, invoking ``narrow angle'' surveillance subsystems that perform more detailed analyses of human and vehicle motion to recognize specific activities requiring operator intervention. Specific goals of our research program include: