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Yugoslav Tourist Offices Abroad

You can obtain all information about travel and accommodation of tourists in Yugoslavia as well as all informative and propaganda material at the following branch offices abroad:
Yugoslav National Tourists Office
LONDON, W 1, 143 Regent Street
tel. 734-5243, 439-0399; tlx. 21454
telefax 441/4370599
Yugoslav National Tourists Office NEW YORK, N.Y. 10111, 630 Fifh Avenue,
STE. NBR. 280
tel. (991)757-2801; tlx. 0408188
telefax 0212/4590130
Jugoslaviska Turistbyran 10386 STOCKHOLM 40, Box 7004
Slojdgatan 10
tel. (08)101993; tlx. 11791
telefax 468/247250
Jugoslavisk Turistbureau
1614 KOBENHAVN V, Trommesalen 2
tel. (01)116300, 116827; tlx. 19156
telefax 451/151849
Office de Touisme Yovgoslave
75002 PARIS, 31 Boulevard des Italiens (Palais Berlitz)
tel.4268-07-07; tlx. 212672
telefax 331/42252873, 45633285
Office National du Tourisme Yougoslave
1000 BRUXELLES, Rue Royale 103c
tel. (02)219-58-28; tlx. 65858
telefax 322/2179153
Jugoslawisches Fremdenverkehrsamt
60313 FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Goetheplatz 7
tel. (069)20-798; tlx. 414193
telefax 4969/292853

Jugoslawisches Fremdenverkehrsamt
80331 MÜNCHEN 2, Sonnenstrasse 14
tel. (089)98-86-85; tlx. 523983
(tel. (the old ones): 59-55-45, 59-55-46);

Jugoslawisches Fremdenverkehrsamt
40210 DÜSSELDORF, Graf Adolfstr. 64
tel. (0211)161-704; tlx. 8581356

Jugoslawische Fremdenverkehrswerbung
1010 WlEN, Mahlerstrasse 3
tel. 512-71-74,512-54-81; tlx. 114288
telefax 4322/5059657
Jugoslawisches Verkehrsburo
8001 ZURICIH, Limmatiquai 70
tel. (01)2521270; tlx. 816555
telefax 411/2515385
Ufficio del Turismo Jugoslavo
00187 ROMA, Via Vittorio Veneto 10
tel. 461-454, 461-455; tlx. 625282
telefax 396/4746660

Ufficio del Turismo Jugoslavo
20122 MILANO, Via Pantano 2
tel. 867-607, 867-882; tlx. 325658
telefax 392/878555

Nationaal Joegoslavisch Verkeersbureau
1071 CM AMSTERDAM, Jan Luykenstraat 12
tel. 750496; tlx. 14165
telefax 3120/711008
Yugoslav National Tourist Office
10564 ATHENS, 4 Voukourestiou Street
tel. 3226-889, 3226-653; tlx. 221632
telefax 301/3252086
Jugoszlav Idegenforgalmi Hivatal
1051 BUDAPEST, Bajcsy Zsilinszky 12
tel. (99361)1382-372; tlx. 226875
telefax 361/1382230

Tourist Offices in Yugoslavia

o Tourist Association of Serbia (Turisticcki savez Srbije)
11000 Belgrade, Dobriniska 11
tel.+381 11 645 166,
688 020;
tlx. 72689
o Tourist Association of Vojvodina (Turisticcki savez Vojvodine)
21001 Novi Sad, Bulevar Marshala Tita 6
tel. +381 21 51-663
o Tourist Associaton of Kosovo and Metohija (Turisticcki savez Kosova i Metohije)
38001 Prishtina, Marshala Tita 25a
tel.+381 38 22 375,
25 552
o Tourist Association of Belgrade (Turisticcki savez Beograda)
11000 Belgrade, Moshe Pijade 1
tel. +381 11 339-696,

Other Information

o Border Crossings
Yugoslavia has a numerous international and local road, rail and other border crossings with Hungary , Romania, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Croatia and Bosna and Hercegovina. Also, access is available from the Adriatic coast.
o Accessibility by air
Yugoslavia has four international airports: Belgrade-Surccin, Nish, Tivat and Podgorica and many sports airfields. The national carrier is Yugoslav Air Transport (JAT). Belgrade airport has regular connections with almost all capitals and larger cities in Europe and the rest of the World.
o Visas and Passports
Foreigners require a valid passport to enter Yugoslavia. Foreigners who require a visa to enter Yugoslavia should contact Yugoslav Embassy in their country of origin.
o Vehicle Insurance
A green card (international vehicle insurance) must be carried by all foreign drivers on their entry into Yugoslavia, with the exception of those from countries with which Yugoslavia has a special agreement.
o Fuel
91 and 95 octane unleaded petrol (EUROSUPER);
98 octane petrol (leaded) (SUPER 98);
diesel D1 and D2 (DIESEL)
o Tolls
On motorways.
o Roadside Assistance
Tel. 987 for AMSJ services (the Yugoslav automobile association). In case of accident call the police, tel. 92. Information on road and traffic conditions is available from the AMSJ Information Centre, tel. +381 11 341 341.
o Speed Limits
On motorways 120 km/h, other roads 80 km/h, in built-up areas 60 km/h.
o Permitted Blood Alcohol Level
Up to 0.5 g/kg for drivers of private vehicles and motor bikes; 0.0 g/kg for all professional drivers.
o Rent-a-Car
There are car rental agencies in all larger towns.
o Important Telephone Numbers
92 Police, reporting of accidents and criminal acts
93 Fire brigade
94 Ambulance
95 Exact time
981 General information
988 Telephone directory enquiries
987 Road assistance/information
Flight information: Belgrade Airport +381 11
Railway information +381 11
Bus information +381 11
o Working Hours (in general)
banks and post offices: Mon-Fri 8:00 -- 18:00, Sat 8:00 -- 12:00;
shops: Mon-Fri 7:30 -- 19:00, Sat 7:30 -- 13:00.
Some shops are also open in the evening and on holidays and Sundays.
o Credit Cards
Credit Card Service: Most of the domestic banks have their Visa and Master Card products available for the usage in the country. Consider applying for one in case of the longer say.

NOTE: Due to the economic embargo, no financial transactions with other countries are possible. Foreign currency can be exchanged in any bank. Eventually, worldwide credit card acceptance will be available.