The Monastery of Ostrog

(between the towns of Danilovgrad and Nikshich)
High above Bjelopavlich, between Danilovgrad and Nikshich, the monastery of Ostrog stands against a sheer cliff, beneath the hill of the same name.

It was founded by Vasilije Jovanovich, an Orthodox metropolitan, who lived and spent the last days of his life there. After his death he was named St. Vasilije Ostroshki. The monastery of Ostrog has two parts, known as the Upper Monastery is very impressive, with two little cave churches built into the steep rock face: one was constructed in 1665 and painted with frescoes in 1667, and in the other, which is likewise decorated with frescoes, rest the relics of St. Vasilije.

The part known as Lower Monastery was built in 1820. The two monasteries stand one above the other, in a romantic landscape (the climate is very pleasant here, with the smallest difference between winter and summer temperatures to be found in our country, even though the height above sea level is 900 meters.) From here there is a beautiful view of the Zeta river, and its gentle and green surroundings. From its foundation onwards, Ostrog was known not only as a shrine but also as a center of resistance and action against Turks.

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