Janko Brashich

Best known for the portraits of his countrymen, Janko Brashich was born in 1906 150 km south of Belgrade, in a typical Serbian village of Oparich. He has spent all his life there, working on his land and painting. His portraits make up an interesting gallery of psychological types of his fellow-peasants, much in accordance with his striving to capture on canvas "... good people and bad people, TVRDICE, the layers, the brave and the cowards..." Janko Brashich is deeply involved with the landscapes of Shumadija and Pomoravlje, rough and mild at the same time, with colors and traditions of this PODNEBLJE, he deems it his duty and privilege to paint the chronicle of his land the way that a story-teller would do using words. Thus, he portraits himself in frames describing the events he had witnessed. Some of his works are inspired by the battles Serbs had fought with the Turks in the centuries past. His pride of a warrior by tradition, determines the choice of historic events Janko paints: he only describes those won by the Serbs.