Yugoslav cuisine


Gourmet - Made in Yugoslavia

The great ethnic and religious diversity of Yugoslavia, coupled with the history, geography, and climate of the region, has also produced an interesting variety of cuisines. Although good part of the terrain is mountainous, there are also large areas of fertile plains, excellent grazing land for cattle, sheep, and goats, and a coastline with a rich supply of fish and shellfish from the Adriatic Sea.

An abundance of fruit is grown in this part of southern Europe: apples, peaches, pears, apricots and plums, many of which are distilled into clear brandy known as "rakija." The most popular is plum version "shljivovica." Grapes, strawberries, cherries, quince, figs, and melons grow in the temperate areas. Walnuts, cabbages, and root vegetables are important crops in the colder regions. In the Vojvodina province of Serbia ( " the bread basket of Yugoslavia"), vast fields of wheat and corn stretch to the horizon. And every region boast its own dairy products: yogurt, sour cream, kajmak ( a type of clotted cream), and a surprising selection of cheeses, one of them unknown beyond the locality in which it is produced.

Traditional food and recipes

o Apetizers
o Ajvar (Ajvar)
o Liver Paste Apetizer (Meze od dzigerice)
o Jerinkitz Peppers (Turshija od zzutih paprika)
o Thick Jam (Slatko)
o Hot Potato Salad (Salata od vrucheg krompira)
o Heavy Cream (Kajmak)
o Turkish coffee (Turska kafa)

o Soups
o Boiled Beef Soup (Govedja supa)
o Chicken Soup with Noodles (Pileca supa sa rezancima)
o Meats
o CHevapccichi (CHevapccichi)
o Bread Meat Patties (Fashirane SHnicle)
o Browned Beef (Papazjanija)
o Steamed Lamb With Cabbage (Peccena jagnjetina sa Kupusom)
o Roast Suckling Pig (Pecceno prase)
o Vegetables Stew With Pork (Svinjski paprikas sa povrcem)
o Pork-and-paprika stew (Leskovaccka muchkalica)
o Stuffed Grape Leaves (Sarma u vinovom lischu)
o Roasted Veal Breast (Peccene teleche grudi)
o Chicken liver omlet (Kajgana sa pilechom dzzigericom)
o Musaka (Musaka)
o Stuffed peppers (Punjene paprike)

o Baked Delights
o Crackling biscuits (Pogaccice sa ccvarcima)
o Baclava (Baklava)
o Lazy pita (Lenja pita)
o Cheese Cake (Gibanica)

o Paprika
o Religious and Holiday Foods
o Saints Blessing (Krsna Slava)
o Christmas (Bozzich)
o Epiphany (Bogojavljanje)
o Palm Saturday and Sunday (Vrbica)
o Easter (Uskrs)
o Holy Trinity (Sveto Trojstvo)
o Saint Nikola (Sveti Nikola)
o Name Day (Znamanje)
o St. Georges Day (Sveti Djordje)
o Memorial Days (Zadushnice)
o Fasting (Post)
o Wedding (Svadba)
o Christening (Krshtenje)