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Yugoslav flag.

Yugoslavia - an active map .

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) consists of the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro. These two States had a thousand years long history, with particularly successful economic, social and cultural development through 12th-15th centuries.

During Ottaman Empire expansion the Serbian state lost its independence for several centuries. Serbia and Montenegro regained their independence in 19- the century, being internationally recognized by Berlin Congress in 1878. They, together with their allies, ended The First World War as victors and in December 1918 formed the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, together with joined Slav territories of the former Austria-Hungerian Empire.

In 1929 the name was changed into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The Federative Peoples' Republic of Yugoslavia was proclaimed in November 1943 during the Second World War, in which Yugoslavia participated and contributed fully to the victory of the Allies. Later on, the name was changed into Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY).

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), consisting of the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro, was proclaimed by Constitution on April 27, 1992, after the secesion of other republics from former SFRY.

102.173 km2. Capital: Belgrade. Population: 1.5 mil.
10.4 million, 63% Serb, 6% Montenigran with Albanian, Croat, Gypsy, Magyar and other minorities.
Language and Alphabet
Serbian. Most Yugoslavs speak one of the following languages: English, French, German or Russian. Alphabet is Cyrillic .
The Yugoslav currency is the dinar (DIN), which is divided into one hundred paras. It can be exchanged at numerous banks troughout Yugoslavia. The exchange rate (March 1995) is 1 DEM = 1 DIN.
Mains Electricity
220 V, 50 Hz
Television Standard
Time Zone
Yugoslavia operates on continental European time (GMT+1). In summer the local DST is GMT+2.
Yugoslavia has a moderate continental climate.
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