The Monastery Of Deccani

(near the town of Pech)
The Church of holy Salvation was founded by King Stefan Urosh III (Dechanski). It was constructed between 1327 and 1335 by the master builder Fra Vita of Kotor. It succeeds in incorporating the multi-naved Western style into the single-naved Byzantine basilica, with a dome, and marble decorations of extraordinary beauty.
Its frescoes were painted between 1335 and 1350, during the reign of Tsar Dushan, and include more than a thousand compositions.

The most noteworthy frescoes of Deccani are:

o The Nemanjich Family Tree

o Stefan Deccanski

o Tsar Dushan

o The Warrior Saints and

o Scenes From Eighteen Series From the Old and New Testaments

o Decanska Bogorodica, ikona iz XIV veka

o Decanska Bogorodica ikona iz XIV veka

o Bogorodica Decanska, gornji deo ikone is 1350. godine, sa ikonostasa crkve manastira Decani

o Fragment

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