PGI Workstation Compilers and Tools

PGI is installed on the red and blue cluster with nodelock license to redleader. It is a full suite of parallelizing F77, F90/F95, HPF, C and C++ compilers.
  • Setting up the environment

    PGI is installed at /opt/pgi directory in UMIACS. You need set up the correct PGI home, include the path and license file in your environment.

    1. For csh, tcsh
      % set path = (/opt/pgi/linuc86/6.0/bin $path)
      % setenv MANPATH "$MANPATH":/opt/pgi/linux86/6.0/man
      % setenv PGI /opt/pgi
      % setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE "$LM_LICENSE_FILE":/opt/pgi/license.dat
    2. For bash, sh or ksh
      % PATH=/opt/pgi/linux86/6.0/bin:$PATH
      % export PATH
      % MANPATH=$MANPATH:/opt/pgi/linux86/6.0/man
      % export MANPATH
      % PGI=/opt/pgi
      % export PGI
      % LM_LICENSE_FILE=$LM_LICENSE_FILE:/opt/pgi/license.dat
      % export LM_LICENSE_FILE
  • Compiling

    All the compiling should be done on redleader. The PGI license is nodelocked to redleader in UMIACS.

    1. For Fortran77, use "pgf77 option x.f"
    2. For Fortran95, use "pgf95 option x.f"
    3. For HPF, use "pghpf option x.f"
    4. For C++, use "pgCC option x.c"
    5. For ANSI C, use "pgcc option x.c"

  • Additional Resources

    PGI Workstation Complete website


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