Physical Description

  • Nodes

    There are seventy nodes, in total. Six nodes are submit nodes, where you develop, compile, and submit your jobs to a job scheduler. These are the nodes that you will access directly. We also use these nodes as hot spares for the compute nodes, so all six may not be available at any given time. The other sixty four nodes are the compute nodes, where your jobs will actually run. Every node is configured as follows:

    • Two 2.6GHz Xeon processors
    • 2GB RAM
    • 15GB of transitory storage /tmp
    • 80GB of transitory storage /scratch0

  • Network

    Every node has a connection to a commodity 100Mb/s ethernet network for IP communication. In general, this should only be used as a control connection. For message passing, the compute nodes have a connection to a Myrinet 2000 network.



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