SOMA Terror Organization Portal


The SOMA Terror Organization Portal (STOP) is an online tool that provides national security experts, policy analysts, and political science researchers with a single point of contact through which to access data on terror organizations and the behavioral modeling and forecasting tools developed by LCCD. To date, STOP allows analysts the ability to examine approximately 36 terror groups from about ten countries ranging from Morocco all the way to Afghanistan. Users can see rules automatically extracted about these groups (over 14,000 for Hezbollah; over 20,000 for the PKK) by the SOMA framework, browse them, experiment with them, and discuss their usefulness. STOP also provides users with the forecasting capabilities of the SitCAST, CONVEX, and CAPE systems, allowing for richer analysis of possible terror group behavior in future situations.

Social Networking

One of the unique components of STOP is the capability for social networking which facilitates the creation and expansion of a network of experts on a given topic. Users are able to discuss both the behavioral models and group forecasts to build a consensus (or at least identify different camps) about a given topic, and explore the pros and cons of alternative views--all without having to move from their desk.

Project Lead: Prof. VS Subrahmanian

For additional information, please contact Amy Sliva or Prof. V.S. Subrahmanian.

Last updated: November 2009 by Amy Sliva.

Research and implementation of this project performed jointly by members of the University of Maryland and the University of Naples.

Project Contributors


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Recorded Demonstration

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Live Demonstration

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