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Liu X, Doermann D, Li H.  2010.  Mobile Visual Aid Tools for Users with Visual Impairments. Mobile Multimedia ProcessingMobile Multimedia Processing. :21-36.
Liu X, Doermann D, Li H.  2010.  Mobile Visual Aid Tools for Users with Visual Impairments. Mobile Multimedia ProcessingMobile Multimedia Processing. :21-36.
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Caceres A, Shang F, Wawrousek E, Liu Q, Avidan O, Cvekl A, Yang Y, Haririnia A, Storaska A, Fushman D et al..  2010.  Perturbing the Ubiquitin Pathway Reveals How Mitosis Is Hijacked to Denucleate and Regulate Cell Proliferation and Differentiation In Vivo. PLoS ONEPLoS ONE. 5(10):e13331-e13331.
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