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Conference Papers
Lee J, Keleher P, Sussman A.  2010.  Decentralized dynamic scheduling across heterogeneous multi-core desktop grids. 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel & Distributed Processing, Workshops and Phd Forum (IPDPSW). :1-9.
Feamster N, Nayak A, Kim H, Clark R, Mundada Y, Ramachandran A, bin Tariq M.  2010.  Decoupling policy from configuration in campus and enterprise networks. Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN), 2010 17th IEEE Workshop on. :1-6.
Gandhi R, Khuller S, Parthasarathy S, Srinivasan A.  2002.  Dependent rounding in bipartite graphs. The 43rd Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 2002. Proceedings. :323-332.
Beynon MD, Kurc T, Sussman A, Saltz J.  2000.  Design of a Framework for Data-Intensive Wide-Area Applications. Heterogeneous Computing Workshop. :116-116.
Kules B, Shneiderman B.  2003.  Designing a metadata-driven visual information browser for federal statistics. Proceedings of the 2003 annual national conference on Digital government research. :1-6.
Druin A, Montemayor J, Hendler J, McAlister B, Boltman A, Fiterman E, Plaisant A, Kruskal A, Olsen H, Revett I et al..  1999.  Designing PETS: a personal electronic teller of stories. Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems: the CHI is the limit. :326-329.
Hao S, Syed N A, Feamster N, Gray AG, Krasser S.  2009.  Detecting spammers with SNARE: spatio-temporal network-level automatic reputation engine. Proceedings of the 18th conference on USENIX security symposium. :101-118.
Doermann D, Li H, Kia O.  1997.  The Detection of Duplicates in Document Image Databases. ICDAR. :314-318.
Kobla V, DeMenthon D, Doermann D.  1999.  Detection of slow-motion replay sequences for identifying sports videos. Proceedings of IEEE 1999 Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing. :135-140.
Kobla V, Doermann D, Faloutsos C.  1998.  Developing High-Level Representations of Video Clips using VideoTrails. Proceedings of the SPIEConference on Storage and Retrieval for Image and Video Databases VI. 3312:81-92.
Doermann D, Sauvola J, Kauniskangas H, Shin C, Pietikainen M, Rosenfeld A.  1996.  The Development of a General Framework for Intelligent Document Image Retrieval. Proceedings in the International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems. :605-632.
Shneiderman B, Kang H.  2000.  Direct annotation: a drag-and-drop strategy for labeling photos. IEEE International Conference on Information Visualization, 2000. Proceedings. :88-95.
Khoo Y P, Hicks MW, Foster JS, Sazawal V.  2009.  Directing JavaScript with arrows. Proceedings of the 5th symposium on Dynamic languages. :49-58.
Su G-M, Han Z, Kwasinski A, M. Wu, Liu KJR, Farvardin N.  2004.  Distortion management of real-time MPEG-4 video over downlink multicode CDMA networks. Communications, 2004 IEEE International Conference on. 5:3071-3075Vol.5-3071-3075Vol.5.
Krishna A, Yilmaz C, Memon AM, Porter A, Schmidt DC, Gokhale A, Natarajan B.  2004.  A distributed continuous quality assurance process to manage variability in performance-intensive software. 19th ACM OOPSLA Workshop on Component and Middleware Performance.
Naacke H, Kapitskaia O, Tomasic A, Bonnet P, Raschid L, Amouroux R.  1997.  The distributed information search component (disco) and the world wide web. Proc. of ACM SIGMOD Conf. on Management of Data.
Karr AF, Porter A.  2005.  Distributed performance testing using statistical modeling. Proceedings of the 1st international workshop on Advances in model-based testing. :1-7.
Han B, Kumar VSA, Marathe MV, Parthasarathy S, Srinivasan A.  2009.  Distributed Strategies for Channel Allocation and Scheduling in Software-Defined Radio Networks. IEEE INFOCOM 2009. :1521-1529.
Gopalakrishnan V, Bhattacharjee B, Keleher P.  2006.  Distributing Google. Data Engineering Workshops, 2006. Proceedings. 22nd International Conference on. :33-33.
Kumar J, Pillai J, Doermann D.  2011.  Document Image Classification and Labeling using Multiple Instance Learning. Intl. Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 11). :1059-1063.
Gandhi R, Kumar G, Bederson BB, Shneiderman B.  2000.  Domain name based visualization of Web histories in a zoomable user interface. 11th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 2000. Proceedings. :591-598.
Sismanis Y, Deligiannakis A, Roussopoulos N, Kotidis Y.  2002.  Dwarf. Proceedings of the 2002 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data - SIGMOD '02. :464-464.
Kotidis Y, Roussopoulos N.  1999.  DynaMat: a dynamic view management system for data warehouses. Proceedings of the 1999 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data. :371-382.
Ko DI, Bhattacharyya SS.  2005.  Dynamic configuration of dataflow graph topology for DSP system design. Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. :69-72.
Kang H, Shneiderman B, Wolff GJ.  2002.  Dynamic layout management in a multimedia bulletin board. IEEE 2002 Symposia on Human Centric Computing Languages and Environments, 2002. Proceedings. :51-53.