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Conference Papers
Lin Z, Zhuolin Jiang, Davis LS.  2009.  Recognizing actions by shape-motion prototype trees. Computer Vision, 2009 IEEE 12th International Conference on. :444-451.
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Buono P, Plaisant C, Simeone A, Aris A, Shneiderman B, Shmueli G, Jank W.  2007.  Similarity-Based Forecasting with Simultaneous Previews: A River Plot Interface for Time Series Forecasting. Information Visualization, 2007. IV '07. 11th International Conference. :191-196.
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Zhuolin Jiang, Zhang G, Davis LS.  2012.  Submodular Dictionary Learning for Sparse Coding. IEEE conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.
JaJa JF, Kim J, Wang Q.  2004.  Temporal range exploration of large scale multidimensional time series data. Proceedings of SSDBM. :95-106.
Zhuolin Jiang, Li S-F, Gao D-F.  2006.  A Time Saving Method for Human Detection in Wide Angle Camera Images. Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2006 International Conference on. :4029-4034.
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Jia X-P, Peng H, Zheng Q-L, Zhuolin Jiang, Li Z.  2008.  A topic-based Document Correlation Model. Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2008 International Conference on. 5:2487-2491.
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Kembhavi A, Farrell R, Luo Y, Jacobs DW, Duraiswami R, Davis LS.  2008.  Tracking Down Under: Following the Satin Bowerbird. Applications of Computer Vision, 2008. WACV 2008. IEEE Workshop on. :1-7.