Video access control via multi-level data hiding

TitleVideo access control via multi-level data hiding
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsM. Wu, Yu H H
Conference NameMultimedia and Expo, 2000. ICME 2000. 2000 IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2000///
Keywordsaccess, adaptive, algorithms;hidden, bits;high, conditions;robustness;robustness-capacity, control;adaptive, data, data;video, design;user, digital, embedding;noise, encapsulation;multimedia, hiding, hiding;multi-level, information;data, processing;, QUALITY, signal, systems;authorisation;data, systems;video, technique;control, tradeoff;system, user, video;multi-level

The paper proposes novel data hiding algorithms and system design for high quality digital video. Instead of targeting on a single degree of robustness, which results in overestimation and/or underestimation of the noise conditions, we apply multi-level embedding to digital video to achieve more than one level of robustness-capacity tradeoff. In addition, an adaptive technique is proposed to determine how many bits are embedded in each part of the video. Besides user data, control information such as synchronization and the number of hidden user bits are embedded as well. The algorithm can be used for applications such as access control