Intrinsic fingerprints for image authentication and steganalysis

TitleIntrinsic fingerprints for image authentication and steganalysis
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsSwaminathan A, Wu M, Liu KJR
JournalProc. SPIE Conf. Security, Steganography, Watermarking of Multimedia Contents
Date Published2007///

With growing popularity of digital imaging devices and low-cost image editing software, the integrity of imagecontent can no longer be taken for granted. This paper introduces a methodology for forensic analysis of
digital camera images, based on the observation that many in-camera and post-camera processing operations
leave distinct traces on digital images. We present methods to identify these intrinsic fingerprint traces of
the various processing operations and employ them to verify the authenticity of digital data. We develop
an explicit imaging model to characterize the properties that should be satisfied by a direct camera output,
and model any further processing applied to the camera captured image by a manipulation filter. Utilizing
the manipulation filter coefficients and reference patterns estimated from direct camera outputs using blind
deconvolution techniques, the proposed methods are capable of detecting manipulations made by previously
unseen operations and steganographic embedding.