Integrating distributed scientific data sources with MOCHA and XRoaster

TitleIntegrating distributed scientific data sources with MOCHA and XRoaster
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsRodriguez-Martinez M, Roussopoulos N, McGann JM, Kelley S, Mokwa J, White B, Jala J
Conference NameThirteenth International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management, 2001. SSDBM 2001. Proceedings
Date Published2001///
ISBN Number0-7695-1218-6
Keywordsclient-server systems, data sets, data sites, Databases, Distributed computing, distributed databases, distributed scientific data source integration, Educational institutions, graphical tool, hypermedia markup languages, IP networks, java, Large-scale systems, Maintenance engineering, meta data, metadata, Middleware, middleware system, MOCHA, Query processing, remote sites, scientific information systems, user-defined types, visual programming, XML, XML metadata elements, XML-based framework, XRoaster

MOCHA is a novel middleware system for integrating distributed data sources that we have developed at the University of Maryland. MOCHA is based on the idea that the code that implements user-defined types and functions should be automatically deployed to remote sites by the middleware system itself. To this end, we have developed an XML-based framework to specify metadata about data sites, data sets, and user-defined types and functions. XRoaster is a graphical tool that we have developed to help the user create all the XML metadata elements to be used in MOCHA