Generating surveys of scientific paradigms

TitleGenerating surveys of scientific paradigms
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMohammad S, Dorr BJ, Egan M, Hassan A, Muthukrishan P, Qazvinian V, Radev D, Zajic D
JournalProceedings of HLT-NAACL
Date Published2009///

The number of research publications in var-ious disciplines is growing exponentially.
Researchers and scientists are increasingly
finding themselves in the position of having
to quickly understand large amounts of tech-
nical material. In this paper we present the
first steps in producing an automatically gen-
erated, readily consumable, technical survey.
Specifically we explore the combination of
citation information and summarization tech-
niques. Even though prior work (Teufel et
al., 2006) argues that citation text is unsuitable
for summarization, we show that in the frame-
work of multi-document survey creation, cita-
tion texts can play a crucial role.