HDMP 2008 -- Different Perspective, Different Modalities 

1st IEEE Workshop on

Human Detection from Mobile Platforms

in conjunction with

2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 

Pasadena, California, May 19th, 2008 

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HDMP will be on May 19th

Workshop program now available

About the HDMP Workshop

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) have reached a crossroads: vehicles possessing a significant level of autonomy have been demonstrated yet those vehicles still cannot be safely and reliably utilized in populated environments.  At the same time, the automotive industry is under increasing pressure to reduce the number of accident related fatalities and has embarked upon research to develop technical solutions including intelligent driver warning systems. Hence, human detection has attracted many researchers for over a decade.

The ability to accurately detect,  track, and project the future trajectory of people represents a major barrier to the large scale employment of UGVs for both civil and military applications. The nature of these applications requires both very high true pedestrian detection rate and very low false detection rate. Moreover, many practical aspects of the problem must also be addressed -- such as real-time performance constraints. Solving this problem is critically important in both military and civilian applications.

Computer vision and robotics researchers are invited to submit original contributions in the following -- but not limited to  -- areas:

        Human detection in bad weather condition

        Night-time human detection

        Stereo-based human detection

        Detecting humans in non-upright postures

        Human detection using different modalities (such as Infrared, LADAR and RADAR)

        Improving human detection by fusing different modalities.

        Focus of attention mechanisms

        Automatics scale estimation mechanisms

        Human tracking from mobile platforms


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