Pop Delivers Keynote Talk at Big Data Symposium

Fri Oct 14, 2016

Mihai Pop, professor in the Department of Computer Science and interim director of UMIACS, recently delivered a keynote talk on big data’s role in solving real-world problems.

The Symposium on Frontiers in Big Data, held Sept. 23–24 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, examined the use of big data in agriculture systems, bioinformatics, machine learning, optimization, social networks, and more.

Attendees could choose from a series of keynotes, short talks, discussions, and interviews with leading national senior and junior researchers from academia and industry.

“There’s value in bringing many different perspectives together. You can understand what the real problems are, what the techniques are to deal with data, and how they all fit together,” Pop said. “It’s important to have the breadth.”

To read more about the symposium, go here.