Cybersecurity Club Information Session: CyberPoint

Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:00 PM

Location: 4172 A.V. Williams Building (AVW)

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CyberPoint, LLC is a growing and important player in the cybersecurity space. They have a number of products in development, services, and research areas, including: digital forensics and incident response, malicious code analysis and reverse engineering, IT continuity planning, infrastructure optimization, network risk assessment and threat monitoring, as well as an agile security research group.

CyberPoint conducts research in software and hardware security using methods and techniques drawn from Computer Science, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering, and Mathematics, coupled with extensive real-world experience. CyberPoint research personnel are experienced in Program Analysis, Protocol Analysis, Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Anomaly Detection, Intelligent and Distributed Software Agents, Fault Tolerant Computing, and High Performance Computing.

Located at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, CyberPoint is a small, but actively growing company with an international presence. For more information, please visit: